Peltor 3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters Muff Hearing Protectors

3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters Muff Hearing4 Star Rating
3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters Muff Hearing
Choosing The 3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters

Purchasing shooters hearing protectors? The 3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters Muff Hearing - a great hearing protector from Peltor makes a great item. 0078371970888 is the bar code for this item. Are you presently looking into getting a hearing protector and you are simply looking for the best price for this product? Possibly, you need to know the thoughts of other customers before you buy? In this case then you're in the right spot. Choosing the 3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters Muff Hearing, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

3MTACTICAL Ptl Shooters Muff Hearing. peltor shooters muff hearing protectors earmuffs

Price: $74.80


These 3M PTL earmuffs are designed to just push the button and speech outside the muff can be heard inside truly clearly and safely with distortion free amplification. Limits impulse noise to 87d B. Perfect for the shooting range or other loud-noise activities. Features: - With the touch of a button, hear co-workers more clearly - Available in over-the-head and cap-attached Specifications: - NRR 26d B - Comfortable earmuff in design and style


  • Package: Height: 5" Length: 12.5" Depth: 6"
  • Package Weight: 0.95 lbs.

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