Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs, Blue

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Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs
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Interested in buying ear protectors for your shooters? The Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs makes a great hearing protector. Are you considering buying a hearing protector and you are simply looking for the best value for this? Or you would like to know the thoughts of some other clients before you buy a hearing protector? In that case then you are at the right place. Buying the Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs .

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Banz earmuffs, ear protection for young children 2 years and older, these funky earmuffs not simply look great, but will also protect children's ears from potentially harmful noise. The Banz hearing protectors effectively attenuate harmful loud noises without shutting out other ambient sounds. The earmuffs are straightforward to wear, with a low profile and no protruding parts that can catch on things. The wide, foam-filled cushions make sure that the set doesn't squeeze uncomfortably, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. Banz earmuffs have a comfy leather cover over the headband to make sure all over comfort The weight is also crucial to comfort; each ear muff weighs just 190 grams. Earmuffs are perfect for sporting events, concerts, air shows, and lawn mowing or airplane trips.


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