Hearing Safe Hearing Protector - 27 D B

Hearing Safe Hearing Protector5 Star Rating
Hearing Safe Hearing Protector
Hearing Safe Hearing Protector

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What happens if my Hearing Safe Hearing Protector is stolen? hearing safe protector califone blocks potentially

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The Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector blocks out potentially damaging sounds by entirely covering the outer ear of adults and older college students. Key Features ABS plastic ear cups withstand wear and tear Padded ear cups fully cover the ears, blocking out noise Durable polypropylene headband is adjustable Price shown is for 1 Hearing Safe Hearing Protector; minimal order of 10 is required Specifications Ear Cup Material: ABS plastic with foam padding Headband Material: Polypropylene Protection: Up to 27 decibels Each bright red ABS plastic ear cup has generous padding that keeps users comfortable. The price shown is for each and every Califone Hearing Safe 27 d B Hearing Protector; minimum order of 10 required. Adjust the durable polypropylene headband for the best fit.


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