3M Peltor Optime 105 Behind-the-head Earmuff With Neckband (H10B)

Optime 105 Behind-the-head Earmuff4 Star Rating
Optime 105 Behindthehead Earmuff
Save On The Optime 105 Behind-the-head Earmuff Made By Peltor Color Black

The color for the shooters earmuffs is black. I believe you will like that the hearing protector includes recommended for very high noise level environments. Other features consist of twin-cup neckband and noise reduction rating of 28 d b. It weighs close to 0.7 lbs. Save on the optime 105 behind-the-head earmuff. For more information about this hearing protector, click on the button below.

Simply how much does the Optime 105 Behind-the-head Earmuff cost? peltor optime behind-the-head earmuff neckband diaelectric

Price: $20.92


  • Recommended for very high noise level environments
  • Behind-the-neck design allows for easy use with hard hats
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 28 d B
  • Twin-cup neckband
  • Patented twin-cup design
  • Units: 1
  • Product Weight: 0.8 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 4.5" Length: 7.2" Depth: 7.1"
  • Package Weight: 1.05 lbs.

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