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Peltor Passive Hearing Protectors Shotgunner Folding, Red (nrr 21D B)

Passive Hearing Protectors Shotgunner4 Star Rating
Passive Hearing Protectors Shotgunner
Passive Hearing Protectors Made By Peltor

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Publisher: Peltor
MPN: 97013-00000
UPC: 078371970130
Qty.: 1


Designed and developed specifically for the trap and skeet shooter. Adjusts small sufficient to fit girls and most children. The Shot Gunner Hearing Protector is 1 from the best passive hearing protectors on the market. They reduce the noise level by 21db in a light weight frame. It has liquid gel liquid gel foam cushions to give you the greatest comfort while providing the best protection. Specifications: - NRR 21d B - World's lightest weight folding hearing protector - Tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter - Reduces gun stock interference - Liquid/foam filled ear cushions - Adjustable headband - Red dome Excellent attenuation with adjustable stainless spring steel headband for optimum fit. A stowaway hearing protector with an ultra-low tapered section with the ear cup bottom, which eliminates interference with the gun stock.


  • Peltor
  • Shot Gunner Folding Protector Red
  • Units: 1
  • Package: Height: 8.63" Length: 13.88" Depth: 12.5"
  • Package Weight: 5.34 lbs.

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