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Peltor Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behind-head Hearing Protector Black Nrr 19DB Foam Cushions

Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behind-head Hearing4 Star Rating
Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behindhead Hearing
Choosing A Shotgnnr Shotgunner By Peltor

The Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behindhead Hearing is the right solution in case you are searching to buy the latest shooters earmuffs. The Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behindhead Hearing is definitely an example of good quality item you can buy using the internet. Should you be wishing to purchase this item, you've come to the best place. We provide you special bargains with this excellent hearing protector with secure financial transaction. The manufacturer's number for this is B43PEL97008. I really loved that it had the feature of shotgunner behind the head hearing protector. Additional features include things like low profile liquid/foam cushions, nrr 19d b. very lightweight. and adjustable stainless steel back band. Choosing a Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behindhead Hearing , click the weblink below.

What Exactly is the lowest price to the Shotgnnr Shotgunner Behind-head Hearing online. peltor shotgnnr shotgunner behind-head hearing protector

Publisher: Peltor
MPN: B43PEL97008
Qty.: 1


  • Designed for Cap and Hat Wearers.
  • Low Profile Liquid/Foam Cushions.
  • NRR 19d B. Very Lightweight.
  • Shotgunner Behind the Head Hearing Protector.
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Back Band.
  • Units: 1

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